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How to Get Perfect Skin – Hydrate and Renew with Olive Oil and Vitamin C!

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19 Responses to “How to Get Perfect Skin – Hydrate and Renew with Olive Oil and Vitamin C!”

  1. amanduh74 says:

    where did you get the cetaphil???/ i cant find it anywhere

  2. wmhs02dm says:

    I can’t find that olive oil from bath junkie

  3. Twisted2theBone says:

    I lovvvveee bath junkie it is such an amazing store whoever hasn’t actually been inside a store itself should def try going some time…I live in Ny so I had to go to Nj but it was well worth it =) they make everything in front of you and you customize the scent by mixing smells that you like (I spent an hour mixing random smells together for fun lol) + the products are amazing :)

  4. Twisted2theBone says:

    @kittyb316 you should exfoliate once (at most twice) per week you are probably breaking out bc you are over-exfoliating …I have sensitive (acne prone) skin so I’ve made similar mistakes hope that helps

  5. kittyB316 says:

    Omg! I am also addicted to exfoliating and I have found that my face just breaks out all the time. But I try and tell myself the reason I am breaking out is because I am not exfoliating enough when I am already doing it once or twice a day. I don’t wanna give up exfoliating completely because I know there are benefits. I’m wondering if you know how many times per week is appropriate to exfoliate? Great video! I will try these products!

  6. iluvcinnamoroll says:

    Heyy great video! I actually have some Olive Me, but I never thought of trying it on my face! (I use it for razor burn)
    My Olive Me has the scents added to it. Will that irritate my face?

  7. e2523o says:

    great helpful! does any one know where i can find this olive-me olive oil? i went to the website and it is not there….

  8. doron9787 says:

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  9. liddlebrookiie says:

    Great video.. love Olive Oil (Vitamin E in it) and Vitamin C =)

  10. Sandysaurus143 says:

    i know this is random but I love your face shape are there like any exercises you do to sculpt up and tone your face?

  11. dearestcaroline says:

    i just use straight up vitamin E from dollar general/family dollar… it’s like a dollar for a bottle and the pure stuff… it’s usually in the black hair section :)

  12. nama182 says:

    you are very simpatic.said by a girl that has not many female freinds

  13. LalithaSr says:


  14. milliem85 says:

    do you use any spf over or under the bath junkie oil?

  15. WestSideCoolidge says:

    I use Olive Oil for my eczema since it stays moisturized for most of the day and is full of vitamin E. It works great!

  16. pplcallmefish says:

    True. Cetaphil doesn’t bother my skin… I guess because I’m just washing and rinsing… ? But I will have to try the jojoba oil – thanks :-)

  17. KneedleThread says:

    Yes, good old fashion mothernature is great 4 the skin! I love jojoba oil as well, it’s the closest to our skins own sebum. But cetaphil has parabems and many other preserves as well… Just an FYI

  18. pplcallmefish says:

    Oh, it’s the best moisturizer you can use! Our grandmothers knew what they were talking about! lol

  19. carmaqara says:

    honey….right on with the olive oil….I have been a makeup artist for 14 years, and that is the one tip my 100% Sicilian Grandmother gave me when I was a kid… its awesome!!

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