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Manuka Honey vs Raw Organic Honey For The Skin, Ep216

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  1. Feared08 says:

    We can’t understand the numbers on this Manuka honey ? Obviously, the higher the number, the better it is ? So why do stores sell the lower numbers, like 5 and 6+, if they are no better than standard honey ? It all seems a bit of a con !! I’ve just paid over £7 at Holland and Barratt which, looking at websites about this number thing, is basically useless !!

  2. redtulips23 says:

    Thank you so much for this informative video. After watching your other video about using raw organic honey as a facial cleanser, I bought it at a health food store & tried it out for the first time today. Of course it’s too early to tell what benefits it’ll have on my acne-prone skin, but my skin definitely feels more hydrated and is softer to the touch. Thanks again. :-)

  3. Timscleite says:

    Is there a difference between organic and raw honey? I haven’t been able to find the answer…

  4. yevette3fd says:

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  5. catdarcy2010 says:

    Manuka honey without the registered UMF trademark from the Active Manuka Honey Association means that the number 30+ is meaningless because it has not been properly tested by the guideline set by the Active Manuka Honey Association to determine the UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR. Manuka honey has to have the registered UMF trademark printed on the product label as well as packed and labeled in New Zealand for it to be a legit Manuka honey. Anything esle is fake, dilluted or knockoff.

  6. mexmetal666 says:

    You’re too good to be true

  7. KV4L says:

    i just bought HZN ACTIVE 30+ manuka honey and mine doesn said UMF on it. so im just wonder is it goin to work as good as the one with UMF one?

  8. getoveritgoddamit says:

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  9. hellotwat says:

    does eating manuka honey help acne aswel?

  10. kvocalist says:

    honey is good for masks n stuff and to add it to cleansers etc…spot treatment naaa, it may soothe area but its never taken a spot down.

  11. Euterpe001 says:

    ps. According to Wedderspoon’s website Manuka honey with a rating over 16+ is NOT completely raw, as raw Manuka honey cannot be over 16+. If it over that then it was manipulated by high heats or cold, which kills the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. All that good stuff.

  12. Euterpe001 says:

    I just bought the Wedderspoon Manuka honey today. The company is based in my town and I was happy to find it’s sold in various local stores. Saves me from having to order online. I currently have it on one large pimple. Going 3 hours. The swelling has gone down and the pain is gone. It was very painful.

  13. kaoritubes says:

    Love the info, but to be honest, way too many “ok” during speech.

  14. nelly2395 says:

    i love using manuka honey as a face mask its also great to use when steaming your face…its become an addiction, i find myself using it everyday…LOVEEEE…..xo

  15. chachafance says:

    Great video! Very helpful info. I just bought some Raw Organic Honey tonight :) This will be my first time trying it. I have oily acne prone skin so hoping it helps.

  16. TheLoserKingdom says:

    If you want to use it as a spot treatment simply; take one drop of tea tree oil and dab that on the pimple, take a band-aid, smear a 1/2 pea size amount of Manuka honey onto the band-aid pad and then apply it over the pimple. Take it off after you wake up, or you can even use it during the day, just say to people it is a cut for no annoying questions.

    This may be difficult for a pimple or say, the nose. But you can experiment with different shapes or band-aids or even use scissors. Cheers!

  17. h1ph0p1 says:

    @ablindingdeception thanks very much

  18. ablindingdeception says:

    @socialwork63 have you tried heavier oils like olive oil or jojoba oil?

  19. ablindingdeception says:

    @h1ph0p1 I would think to go with filtered. This is just off of my previous experience with Apple Cider Vinegar. They sell filtered and unfiltered versions. When I went to the store, naturally i grabbed the filtered because it looked cleaner. When I went home, I did extra research and found that unfiltered is best because they haven’t taken out all the good beneficial components to the product.

  20. h1ph0p1 says:

    is whitish creamy due to the filtering of the honey. i was wondering if the filtered honey will be okay. or should i go with the unfiltered raw honey.

  21. h1ph0p1 says:

    @ustfu thanks

  22. ustfu says:

    go to amazon and search “Wedderspoon”

  23. h1ph0p1 says:

    do you know of a REAL website i can go to and buy REAL manuka honey. i dont wanna buy the fake kind some sellers have out there nowadays

  24. luna87bella says:

    can i use manuka honey diluted with some water as a night moisturizer?

  25. ShubhpreetC says:

    I recently purchased raw honey… borsia natural products…it says its pure and natural with no preservatives and unheated….and a bit cystalized??????? Is it okay???????????please reply back!!

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