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Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

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25 Responses to “Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review”

  1. emd0llie says:

    This was a really long review …

  2. ArrinLouise20 says:

    Good review but look at the camera ahhh

  3. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @Ceelu15 Oooo good to know! I love her! Glad you’re liking the foundation.

  4. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @paulababe1985 They are acrylic !

  5. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @paulababe1985 200 Nude

  6. paulababe1985 says:

    what shade r u on the revlon color stay ??

  7. paulababe1985 says:

    did you get a manicure or r they pressed on nails.. they look beautiful.. what r they thanks for the review ill have to try it lol

  8. Ceelu15 says:

    Love the review! Cldnt decide how to think about it, literally bought it yesterday, and i was wondering about the consistency, i personally love it cuz i had oily skin, but really rough skin on my chin from an allergic rxn to a foundation (thnx for that Rimmel), and i bought the pressed powder, and for any part that seemed to get shiny, i just whip out the pressed powder, and apply, and makes me look done up again without looking chalky. good job, ur face reminds me alot of mila kunis, fyi :)

  9. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @GlossyPinkPrincess Forever 21!

  10. GlossyPinkPrincess says:

    I love ur top! Do u remember where you got it?

  11. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @mrsdwalker1 Thank you!! The only thing I don’t like about it is that its not long wearing. May try mixing it with Revlon Colorstay or Estee Lauder Double Wear for more lasting power. Thanks for watching :-)

  12. mrsdwalker1 says:

    You actually look flawless and glowing in this foundation. It is really pretty on you. Of course it doesn’t have much work to do since you are a beautiful girl already.

  13. stroberishortcake says:

    hi.. have you reviewed the tarte smooth operator? need to know your opinion on the product. thank you.

  14. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @LUSIOUS81 In mac I’m NW 20.

  15. LUSIOUS81 says:

    have u used tha mac foundation if you have what color are u..i wanna get that foundation but don’t know what color to get..i need one for a regular days..when i dont want to use alot of makeup.

  16. sariimariie says:

    aaahhh =/ the lip gloss is sooooooo distracting

  17. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @beautybuff820 Definitely not true! Wish it was, because if so I’d probably like it a lot more.

  18. beautybuff820 says:

    How funny. I heard kind of the opposite of your review. I heard that this is a very good alternative to Nars Sheer Glow. (like, medium to full).. And I heard that this is long wearing. (like, 8 hours).

  19. beautybuff820 says:

    Wow, ur the first person that I’ve seen to wear those balance bracelets correctly. Eveyone else seems to wear theirs with the shiny side out and I’m like “ummm, did they even bother to listen to the directions? or the person they bought it from?” So uber props, lol.

  20. beautyrush1214 says:

    Actually there are 12 shades =)

  21. yummyapple4you says:

    i love tient miracle and i thought this foundation was going to be close to it but it failed big time! This foundation has no lasting power and barely any coverage. the only good thing is the color selection.

  22. cserannie80 says:

    I think I’m done with drugstore foundation. Now I am in love with Estee Lauder but I have heard good things about Chanel Pro Lumiere for combination skin…

  23. MsAshleyCrim says:

    @perfectingannie Possibly, I have my eye on it, but I haven’t heard the best things as far as longevity is concerned so I’m not sure if I’m interested in it. . . If I find it on sale I’m sure I’ll pick it up.

  24. perfectingannie says:

    Could you please review the new CoverGirl Nature Luxe Silk Foundation?

  25. 764102 says:

    @MsAshleyCrim thanks so much !

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