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Does acne control you? | What you do? | How you feel?

This doctor-approved, clinically tested diet can quickly and dramatically heal your acne and prevent further breakouts.
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"It took some months to get my results, but totally worth it!" - Tara O.

"This diet is literally magic. I am in awe that in only one week my skin is looking like this." - Kendall B.

"Accutane didn't work for me, but this diet did. My acne cleared up in less than a month." - Ashley B.

"This diet worked incredibly well and has kept me clear for over a year!" - Kira M.

“Week 5 of the Clear Skin Diet!” - Jeanette G.

"I cleared my arm acne and lost 40 pounds!" - Maria D.

"My face was almost clear after just ten days! - Dani S.

"Stopped my breakouts in three months!" - Kat L.

“Thank you, Nina and Randa!” - Ngoc

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