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We have many videos and even playlists about acne available on our YouTube channel – click here:

There are also acne program videos that are ONLY available on our Clear Skin Diet FACEBOOK Private Group – video interviews with doctors and experts providing info. To access the private Facebook video content: Click Here to Join Our Facebook Group

Clear Cystic Acne with Diet – Nina & Randa (20:30)
CNN Host Praises Nina & Randa – Jane Velez-Mitchell Discusses Girls’ Program (1:55)
Meet Sarah and Maria – Study Participants Who Cleared Their Acne (7:30)
Benefits of Clear Skin Diet – Girls Describe Why Wrote Book (1:14)
Skincare Routine & Healthy Hair Q&A (11:21)
Vegan Shopping Haul – Baking Sweet Potatoes (5:26)
How We Cured Our Acne – Our First Acne Video That Went Viral (6:38)
Healthy Clear Skin Lunches for School, Work or Home (6:55)